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Hello! I am flossy the owner of Flossy Teacake and we create greetings cards and giftware inspired by typical British LIFE and my childhood memories of living in a village.


We are based in the heart of the Peak District and are a true family  business with my husband and mum working alongside me. We have 3 boys under 5 who are full of adventure and mischief but also are our biggest motivation. 

Growing up I was always drawing, Painting, Sewing or making and loved listening to stories and fairy tales which is probably where my imagination comes from. After school I went onto study Architecture and Interior Design at Sheffield  Hallam University where I fell in love with buildings and their endless possibilities.


I then went on to study Contemporary  Applied Arts at the University of Cumbria, specialising in Ceramics, Embroidery and Printed Textiles, and graduated in 2011.


During my time at University I developed my product range into greetings cards and giftware and was invited to take part in a trade fair which was the beginning of becoming self employed and creating a brand.

Flossy & co.
Exploring our village
Our family
Flossy and one of her Elves
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about me

About me
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Our collections are very much inspired by typical British life, living in the countryside and my memories of trips with my  family to the seaside and days out at the fair. We want our products to put smiles on people’s faces, to create those extra special moments in life and to bring people together.


All designs are hand drawn by me using a mono-printing technique which involves inks, rollers and drawing backwards! We then use these to transfer onto fabric, cards and more to create our ranges.  Most products we make in the studio or are British made. We  hand finish the greetings cards with a variety of embellishments and a stickered envelope for that extra special touch.

james flossy teacake



bev flossy teacake

james - Hubby, Daddy Teacake, head of wholesale, accounts, technical support & general chief! 

bev - my amazing mum! Super sewer, template maker, baker, caterer, constant support & so much more! 

pop flossy teacake

pop - my fab dad! Creator of stand furniture, Joiner, & all round DIY helper! 

hannah flossy teacake

hannah r - worked with us since the age of 14 and is now an NHS nurse! Helps with sticking, card making & more! 

hannah flossy teacake

hannah w - super wiz, illustrator, inspirer & supporter! 

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lauren b - photographer & styling genius!

kate h

 kate h - website builder, cake topper cutter, all round Wonder Woman. 

Flossy's helpers
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