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In June 2021 we will celebrate 10 years in business! Our brand has been on quite a journey and we have really loved every minute of it. 


My original collection was made from ceramics, textiles and paper and consisted of a whole world filled with buildings, people, shops, cars, balloons and much more...somewhere I like to call Flossy Land!


My buildings are based on people from my childhood rather than what their house actually looks like. They each hold a very special meaning and story. For instance the Oddy House is an upside down house, home to Mary and Tony Oddy. It is built upside down because their real life bedrooms are on the ground floor and their living area is upstairs, so when I was little I thought they lived upside down. The structure of this house is made from crank clay and fired at 1200 degrees. The bottom half has tonys hanky sewn and attached onto it. The upper half has dress making patterns on it to represent a logical and thoughtful couple. There is then a screen printed apron because mary loves to cook and bake with wording that describes Mary and Tony’s characters. All over the house there are grasses and flowers popping up because their home is built into a cliff face and you have to go upstairs to access their garden. A truly special couple that had to be part of my collection.


I hope to revisit flossy land and develop it further but for now it remains my key source of inspiration for every product we make now.


For photographs of my collections please click the links and jump in to my topsy-turvy world!

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