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Flossy teacake workshops are promised to be packed full of fun with lots of materials and inspiration always provided!

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We love to teach people new skills in a friendly and relaxed environment, providing lots of inspiration and encouragement for personal creativity, as well as providing templates to replicate our designs.


Full Day or 2 hour workshops are available to book and we work with  businesses, groups and individuals across the UK. 


Included in the workshop: 

Each person has an individual workspace and is given all the materials including a kit which comes in a decorative bag. We provide a huge amount  of choice with fabric, papers, embellishments etc to ensure each person makes a unique piece of work.

We provide all the equipment too at no extra cost which includes irons and boards, sewing machines, glue guns etc or if you would like us to come to your venue we can use your equipment if that is how you prefer to work. 


If you would like to book a workshop please get in touch!

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Fabric Caravan

Fabric Beach Huts

Fabric Shed and Allotment

Fabric Campsite

Machine embroidered beach hut pictures

Mono print allotment

mono print haberdashery

ceramic christmas decorations 

in the mix catering

Fabric Gingerbread House

Miniature mixed media houses

winter village wreath

machine embroidered landscapes

paper hot air balloons